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Areas of practice

What we specialize in and how we do it.

IP law

IP is a valuable asset and requires dedication to ensure it is protected. We have a wealth of experience assisting clients in this complicated area of law. We offer a full range of legal services including litigation, registration of trademarks and trademark watching.

Corporate/commercial support

We are dedicated to the expansion of business within Ghana and across the continent. We work with our clients through each stage of their growth and assist with commercial agreements and transactions and strategic business advice. Our client base includes well established companies operating in various sectors including technology, construction, agriculture, telecommunications, and fin tech. We also provide compliance and, company secretarial, business support and all aspects of incorporating and running a company in Ghana.

Dispute resolution

Legal disputes are costly, time-consuming and disruptive to business. We do all we can to help our clients avoid litigation. Our aim is to settle disputes out of court to save costs, but our team is fully dedicated to ensuring the best interests of our clients are met should the dispute enter the court room.

BANN & Associates encourages arbitration and mediation as a way of resolving disputes and saving clients’ time. Our approach is focused on a strategy that analyses the strength the evidence, likely cost in a win or lose scenario and whether the dispute can be settled. We give practical advice when to settle and when to enter the courtroom.

Family wealth and trusts

Our clients want to know that they have made provisions for their family and loved ones and that their inheritance is protected. At BANN & Associates we provide advice and assistance with wills, letters of administration, power of attorney and trusts.

Employment law/Compliance

We provide day-to-day support for companies navigating through the employment laws and regulations of Ghana. Our experience covers contentious and non-contentious employment issues, foreign employees, employment and consultancy agreements and representation at the National Labour Commission and the High Court. Local and international clients are guided by us because we work with them to establish and maintain strong employee relations and HR policies.

Corporate immigration

This service is particularly focused on companies wanting to hire foreign employees. BANN & Associates provides advice and assistance with work/residents permit applications and the legal implications of bringing foreign workers into Ghana.

Entertainment law

The entertainment industry is fast developing in Ghana. The legal services we provide to this industry include drafting and reviewing contracts for artists and record labels and advice and assistance on trademark and copyright laws.

Property law

We have a wealth of experience of working with commercial property management and development companies with contentious and non-contentious issues. Our expertise also covers due diligence for land purchase and perfecting title in land.

Art law

Ghana has an emerging contemporary art market with Ghanaian artwork gaining worldwide exposure. This has resulted in high value art transactions locally and internationally. At BANN & Associates we support art dealers and artists through primary and secondary high value art transactions. We also advise clients seeking to protect artwork by creating trusts or through inheritance, trademarks, and copyright laws.

Inter-country adoption

The adoption procedure can be very frustrating for applicants and that frustration is multiplied for inter-country adoption applicants. We assist with the process in a number of ways including:

  • Providing advice regarding each step of the inter-country application process
  • Ensuring all local laws and procedural requirements are complied with
  • Facilitating meetings with the Department of Social Welfare and other government bodies involved in the inter-country application process in Ghana
  • Representation during the judicial stages of the application